Resolutions for Life!

Most people make New Year’s resolutions. You have hope that the 365 days that stand in front of you will make your life more peaceful, more productive, more successful, more something, right?

While completing some research I came across the 70 Resolutions of Johnathan Edwards, a preacher of the 18th century. He wrote within these resolutions about being “resolved” to serve God, to be benign to mankind, and to maintain an orderly righteous life.

Talk about commitment!
I have read and re-read his resolutions these past 4 days. I am inspired and humbled. There are five of his resolutions that I want to adopt immediately! And while there are 3-4 others that are already a part of my life that leaves another 60 or so to consider. Reading his resolutions makes me say, “Oh Master that I could live such a list as this!”

You’ll definitely feel like you are striving for perfection after reading his list.
Go to:

Here’s to us being “resolved” to living always in the Master’s will!





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