Bucketed! 2017

Blogged one of my favorite authors: Lois Lowry (January 2017)

Reflecting on how short life can be I have decided to take my first stab at living out a “bucket list”.  While I have 27 goals I want to complete before I die –I believe I have completed 4 to date — many of them are long-term and require the assistance of others.

The list/achievements I share here,  however is more short-term and are items I am more likely to get done by myself.  Note: I am usually straight-laced so most of what will get posted here will not be eye-popping. But I can get a bit adventurous — should I really go to the zoo and see if they will wrap a snake around my neck! There are a few  items that will require more money than I had  planned on spending this year for entertainment, experimenting, or living large. But-t-t-t- this becomes a great opportunity for me to see God manifest for me ” … He has given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness” (II Peter 1:3).

I will attempt to post something for every month. My life can get crazy busy so the happenings may get clumped together at times.

Share the ride with me!!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Bucketed! 2017 Leave a comment

  1. Alas…the year has flown by and I have done little on this list
    what I was supposed to do
    January — Talked with a favorite author
    February — Get Limonsine service
    March 0r August — Have a personal chef cook for me
    April — Go to a professional basketball game
    May — Have a pedicure
    eEat at a very expwnsive restaurnat
    Spend money without thinking about it
    Dance like nobody’s watchinh
    Try a tiny home

  2. February 2017 — working at thinking bigger — so I am looking into having a marketing consultant at hand. I have several projects and I need to spread the word about them!

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