Tame Your Tongue? 30 Day Challenge


The scriptures speak of the tongue being a deadly member of one’s body. I know my words can be sarcastic, some might even say caustic,  if I’m pressed at the wrong moment.
I know I should do b51isvexlvsl-_sx322_bo1204203200_etter. I want to do better. We never know when the Master will come back to get us, right?

To this end, I am doing a 30-day challenge of “taming my tongue” — really thinking before I speak. I am using the book “30 Days to Taming Your Tongue” by Deborah Smith Pegues.

Who would you encourage if you tamed your tongue?
Who would notice if your words were sweet to that hearer’s ears?
Share your thoughts!

P. S. I finished the first day… I’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “Tame Your Tongue? 30 Day Challenge Leave a comment

  1. It was not long after I began to read this book, that the Holy Spirit whispered in my hearing the scripture , “…out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” You can’t really tame your tongue without dealing with your “heart issues”. For example, the Holy Spirit took me off the pages of the book to discuss deference in my speech. Deference which means “to submit in opinion or judgment-to honor or reverence in speech”. I found this verse in Psalm 12, “Who have said with our tongues, will we prevail our lips are our own. Who is lord over us?” Often, we found ourselves doing battle with our words ( remember, words carry a spirit–even clean words)!

    Have you ever said,” I can say what I want out of my mouth”. That’s not deference. when we do this we, and I do mean we are being prideful and arrogant which are heart issues.
    Stop and think– what we say really portrays what’s in our heart and God is really looking at our heart.

    I have more to say… I have agreed to join Debra on this journey. Stay tuned!

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