Taming My Tongue! –Day 8

The Self-Deprecating Tongue — well, here I fall very short!

Or, at least I need much work! I discovered within the last six months, that I am self-deprecating! That is, one who talks negatively about him or herself!

I don’t do this out loud! But in my head, oh man!

I got to stop the self-doubt in my mind. Saying scriptures and singing positive songs has helped!

What do you do to stop the negative vibes from within?


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  1. I heard this crow making so much noise that I looked up to search him out. He was sitting in a tree sounding like he’s fussing at the world. Suddenly, he soars high up to the top of the church steeple that was nearby. Once there, he quietly sat and observed his world. I envied his vantage point. Perceptive is everything! With it, I can stop using my tongue unwisely, and begin to properly use the creative power God gave me to shape my world.

    1. Well there is a good suggestion! If we use our tongue, via God’s power, to declare what He has decreed for us, then we will have less time to shroud ourselves in negative thoughts!

  2. One song that keeps me from thinking negatively about myself is:
    I am because God says I am.
    I am because God says I am.
    I’m more than a conqueror to Him that loved me!
    I am because God says I am!

  3. In Galatians 5 it talks about walking in the Spirit and not given into the flesh. When we read God’s Word and pray every day, we are exercising our faith muscle to get stronger. It will be a walking progress but the more we seek the Lord, the stronger we will become in areas that we are weak in.

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