Taming My Tongue! — TESTED!

Today has been some day and it’s not even close to being done!

I have had heard one bad tiding or encountered one difficult circumstance after another — from being challenged at work  about my decision-making, to learning that a family member could be facing long-term financial challenges, to an acquaintance’s husband having died– all in a few hours time ! 😦

I kept thinking about this challenge. What should I say? How should I be thinking?

I can tell you that at the moment I have not become depressed. God has not had me completing this challenge for nought. I can only assume that I am getting hit all at once because He is testing or He is allowing Satan to test me.

I have failed a many-a-time before.  But, by His grace, not this time. I plan by His grace to remain steadfast, focused, and believing He will care for me through it all.

Pray with me, won’t you!


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