“What a Good Life” Continued!

January draws to close.  Yes , The Good Life is the title of my latest book,  but it has also been true for me during the month of January.

I skipped past death (had a very close shave with a car) mended an important relationship,  the new book was released, and I got to be on radio about the book.

And this is only January.

I’ll leave you with two links: Visit my author page at amazon.com/author/debraejohnson
The second link is to the radio interview. Visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/purposekingdom/2018/01/28/self-expressions-with-host-brother-robert-pop-pop-hudson

(The host is Robert Hudson and the show is called Self-Expressions.)
In closing, who did you tell about your good life?



Posted in: Christianity

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