Dream, Plan, Then Do a Lot!

Hello again,

I enjoy this blog space because I get to share so many of the facets of my life. You know I am a minister, author, artist, information specialist, entrepreneur and more! Often, I am asked how have I tried so many new roles? I shrugged and answer something like, “I enjoy trying you things!”

In lieu of just making such a statement, I have hunkered down and created an online course which demonstrates not the why but how!

I have created an online course where I give the process of how to get from one role to another. In short, I say you need to know who you and accept this, figure out what new role you want to add in your life and plan for it, and then take the courage and jump into the role!

The course is called Reinvent Yourself Now: Shift from Mediocre and Develop into a Better You for Whole Life Success! Stay tuned in the next few days for the link where you subscribe for email notifications and enroll in the course!

While waiting for the link, think of what dreams God has placed in you? What new role could result from those dreams? How might the better you positively impact others?

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