Genshai — What Is It?

I was searching for an answer for something on the Internet and came across a book called Aspire. The book is by Kevin Hall.
Mr. Hall says his life was transformed by the concept of “genshai”.

Genshai, a term originating in India, means to never treat anyone in a manner that will make them feel small –including yourself.
I have been thinking about “genshai” and what does God’s Word already says about how I should treat others. Quickly I followed up with –how should I think about myself as well?

Immediately, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” came to mind!
But if I really believed this, then wouldn’t I be able to squash defeatist behavior?

If I don’t think of myself as not enough, nor, according to genshai, act as if I’m incapable, then shouldn’t my defeatist thoughts and self-defeating behavior be obliterated?

Maybe this genshai concept can help you realign your thoughts and behaviors too!

Do tell!

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