What Gives: What Happened To My Belief?

Artwork by: Debra E. Johnson

I recently preached a sermonette about waiting on and trusting in the Lord. (I even wrote a book about it: God’s Waiting Room.) The sermonette seemed solid. I was certain that I was preaching what I believed.

But God never let’s us get comfortable for long. This morning I find myself not wanting to pray about a matter because I didn’t believe God would fix it. My self-talk became “You prayed about that in the past. He didn’t fix it!”

Whoa! What happened to that sermonette? Did you forget it Debra? No, I had not. But still my belief or actually my unbelief was the same. God had not fixed that problem that I prayed about umpteen years ago!

Alright… alright, I challenge myself! What happened to your belief? I don’t know… Nothing! Well, if your belief is still intact, then, What do you believe about this situation?

This is what I believe as I talk this out with me and myself. God always answers His children. So the apparent lack of an answer is either a “no” or a “wait”. Wait means it’s coming! No, means I don’t need it!


Should I go back in His face and put my petition before Him again? 😬🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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