Tell Them All About It!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone terrific news or what you hoped they would see as terrific news? But then you weren’t sure if you should. That’s rather how I feel today.

I am learning about this concept called affiliate marketing. It’s basically that you promote someone’s product* and if someone buys it, you get commission!


But then you hear that negative inner voice in your head… Maybe they won’t be interested in what I am showing? Maybe they will be bored by what I have to say!

What would Jesus do? Jesus told His own good news of being Savior of the world, just accepting that some would receive and use the knowledge and others would not listen.

Hmmm… should I view the information I share in the same manner?

What do you think?

*Look at GrooveFunnels — A marketing platform that offers 3 free websites. Good especially for the tech-savvy and includes 3 free websites. Visit

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