Here’s Your Moment to Teach!

If you count yourself as teacher you know you need to keep your audience interested and engaged in your material.

Jesus captured people’s attention better than anyone else with his parables and soothing voice. (Okay, okay, the soothing voice part is from my imagination. But his parables, his teaching was epic!)

We might not have His abilities, but we use what we can. To this end, let me share about Teachable, an online platform for people who want to create an online course. Teachable will have a 30-day free challenge* coming up on June 2nd. They plan to show people how to launch a course within 30 days!

So if you have a burning desire to share with others how to be a minister, how to engage your audience via hermeneutics or homiletics, Teachable could be for you.

Consider the platform. Just like Jesus did, use what’s right in front of you!

*You can register at

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