Tell Them All About It! — Part 2

Hello, hello:

I am back* to talk a little about a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space called Groove.

It is a marketing space and it helps to be tech-savvy over there. So if you love tech: building websites, landing pages, doing e-commerce, or if you’re even thinking about building an online course, consider Groove.

You have two options: a free plan or the premium plan. (Even with the free plan, you still get three free websites for life!) With the premium plan of 1,397.00, you get unlimited websites, all the functionality I mentioned above, and more. They are slated to have 17 apps for your use by December 2021.

Right now that $1,397.00 (USD) is a one-time price. That is what I typed. 1,397.00 is a one-time, life-time payment! Use the link

Okay, I feel a little like I’m preaching. I only should do that with the Gospel 🙂 I’ll stop!

Take care!


P.S. * Part 1 article:

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