Blessed in the City, Blessed in the Field!

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Since I got so many responses within the last two posts around affiliate marketing, I figure to give it one more round!

Fred Hammond, a gospel singer has the song called ” We’re Blessed.” He sings of being “blessed in the city and blessed in the field” as is written in Deuteronomy 28:3. So either you know affiliate marketing is a blessing or maybe you are affiliate marketer and need a blessing.

If you are an affiliate marketer share a product that would really help the saints!

If you need help: an easy suggestion for help has to do with your website building or email list building.

Groove will give you much power with its website builder, CRM, ecommerce, online course creation, and a free affiliate program. The company’s software is in beta so they are offering a lifetime price of 1397.00! But it will end soon with a huge price increase ! Skip spending the extra money and act today!

Nowsite, also a marketing space is more reasonable on the front end and easier to use when building a website. It too has a CRM system in place. (It’s affiliate marketing program is an extra $5/month.

Normally Nowsite is $47/month, they have a special for only $20/month! Use PROMO code 20 . (It could even be less than $20 if you buy the annual package and use the PROMO code 220. ) Use

Share how you’ve gotten blessed!

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