The Good Life: Thoughts on Maintaining the Christian Life While Keeping it Fun can now be found on Amazon at Life_Kindle Ready Front Cover.7185158

It has been a time of several peaks and a few valleys but I have finally gotten the work completed. I love the title because I think we as Christians do have ” the good life” when we live upright, yet remember to be balanced and enjoy life along the way.  (The title also represents the theme of the book.)  🙂

I hope you visit the Amazon page & do share how you are sure you are living “the good life”!

Waiting for God can be irritating and sometimes maddening! But it doesn’t have to be so difficult! Pray yes! And I say work on a Life Mission Statement, important relationships, and maybe even your resume! I suggest this all in God’s Waiting Room: Our Space To Practice Godly Waiting Habits. (Find the book on Amazon at .)

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