This Librarian Recommends

This page will contain recommendations of resources that should encourage and strengthen a person in the Christian walk.  As often as possible, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will be included with each resource. The use of the ISBN helps you to locate the book at bookstores or libraries.

A Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life by Hannah Whitall Smith
This book “examines the path to a truly happy life of complete reliance on Christ rather than on self”.   ISBN 978-0802456564

The Tongue: A Creative Force by Charles Capps
Here you are encouraged and challenged to speak only ideas that bring positive and powerful outcomes to your life.
ISBN 978-0892740611

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
While this book is not directly Christian, the author encourages  the reader to be proactive and change according to timeless character principles.
ISBN 0743269519

Authority in Prayer: Praying with Purpose and Power
by Dutch Sheets
In this powerful book, bestselling author Dutch Sheets reminds believers that God is in charge and He intends His people to be overcomers. You don’t need to allow sin, Satan, or the circumstances of life to keep you from God’s amazing promises. Authority in Prayer shows you how you can take hold of God’s promises and change your world through prayer.
(See this description at .)
ISBN 0764204068

The Strategy of Satan by Warren W. Wiersbe
Dr. Wiersbe zeroes in on Satan’s attacks as deceiver, destroyer, ruler, and accuser. He emphasizes that conquering the enemy comes by obeying God’s truth. (See this description on
ISBN 978-0842366656

Preaching Without Notes by Joseph M. Webb
This book tells  the preacher that he or she should preach without a manuscript in front of him or her because this allows him or her to better connect with the audience. Author Webb cautions that much reflection and preparation must accompany using this method. Having no notes or manuscript does not equate with preaching off the cuff with no preparation as to what one has to say.
ISBN  0-687-09088

Through the Bible in One Year by Dr. Alan Stringfellow
In this workbook the author analyzes each of the 66 books of the bible. One can learn the significant chapters of each bible book, review chief verses to learn, and more. This book can be used for group or personal bible study.
ISBN 1-56322-014-8

30 Days to Taming Your Tongue: What You Say (and Don’t Say) Will Improve your Relationships by Deborah Smith Pegues
Pegues’s 30–day devotional will help each reader not only tame their tongue but make it productive rather than destructive. (See
ISBN 0-73691-560-5

The Church In History by B.K. Kuiper
Kuiper gives a historical survey of the how the Christian church developed from 33 A. D. through the early 20th century.  A chapter is also included regarding a look at the history of the  church in Canada.
ISBN 0-8028-1777-7

Answers to Prayer by George Mueller
Mueller, 19th century Christian evangelist and Director of orphanages in Bristol England, tells dozens of incidences where God answered his prayers regarding the spiritual needs and financing of Orphanage Houses. Mueller tells how he prayed for days, months, or years waiting  for answer to prayers that Mueller put before the Father– yet God answered every one. Mueller frequently says “Dear reader: if God can give me the faith to believe and peace while getting the answer, He will do the same for you” [paraphrase mine].
ISBN 978-1611040326

2 thoughts on “This Librarian Recommends Leave a comment

  1. Debra
    It was nice meeting you. Thank you for making yourself known to me. Thank you also for sharing this site with me. I really like the book titles that you’ve listed they look interesting. I have always enjoyed books by Warren Wiersbe. I will probably look into that one you’ve listed. I recently read a book by Charles Swindoll called Living Above the level of Mediocrity. It was very helpful to me. I’ve read two of his books and they both had a positive impact on me.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoy the “This Librarian Recommends” section. I find it fascinating that God shapes us and then shows us how to use the layers of our lives in His service!

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