Use Your Knees!

Life with its daily grind of busyness and decision-making gets overwhelming! You want to take a vacation, make an escape, and get away from all the demands of the day! Let’s face it: often we can’t escape! So use your knees! Get down and start telling the Father all about … Continue Reading Use Your Knees!

Happy 2015!

Hello all: There are several new concepts that the Lord has given me in the past weeks. I hope to share some of this with you as this new year of 2015 unfolds. The primary concepts I am learning focus on spiritual warfare. Assuming I apply these concepts well, I … Continue Reading Happy 2015!


This has been a traumatic week. Yet, I am pleased , grateful to testify that God rescued me! See Psalm 18:16-17

Live While You Can!

Youth puts one in the delusion that one will live forever! Yet life passes so quickly. Be encouraged to do that “something” or repair that relationship today  that you have avoided mending.  Psalm 90 :12 King James Version (KJV) states,” 12So teach us to number our days, that we may … Continue Reading Live While You Can!

We Can Satisfy Him, Really?

Hello all: I think of being satisfied as such a human trait. Yet, as I was reading the book by Jentenzen Franklin entitled, Fasting I came across this comment, “True worship that comes from our hearts feeds Him and satisfies Him” ~ p. 71. Hmmm… we can satisfy God? Interesting…