Holler If You Must!

“Desperation, brings about a noise”! ~Debra E. Johnson Desperation, when high enough, causes us to move, to do! Desperation will make you talk, wiggle, chat, grunt, holler, or send forth some form of vocalization from your lips! Our bodies, our brain demands the feelings to be let loose. The next … Continue Reading Holler If You Must!

Use Your Knees!

Life with its daily grind of busyness and decision-making gets overwhelming! You want to take a vacation, make an escape, and get away from all the demands of the day! Let’s face it: often we can’t escape! So use your knees! Get down and start telling the Father all about … Continue Reading Use Your Knees!

9 Years and Counting

Presentufaultless recently marked nine years!   Thanks to all who keep reading here! I wonder  what amazing situations God has in store for us!

Who Has the Final Say!

I just wanted to put it in print: Who has the final say…. JEHOVAH has the final say! No matter what the doctor, the lawyer, the judge, your illness, your income, or the situation says. JEHOVAH has the final say! AMEN!

Happy 2018!

May you have discipline, faith, and boldness to believe and live God’s Word for 2018! I know we must live only one day at a time. So let us commit to being the the most honorable, upright, and loving servant that will bring honor to the Master. We can trust … Continue Reading Happy 2018!

Spiritual Warfare!

I’ve been studying spiritual warfare on and off for the last few months. So much to learn, to digest! I am absorbing bits of the Spiritual Warfare Handbook by Dr. Ed Murphy.  What do you know about spiritual warfare? Do share!