Are You Reading Me?

Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, people at the bus stop, stop light, bank, supermarket, or mall are reading us, reading our lives. Is this sentence or page of your life a positive or negative one? Would you want them to skip this page or keep re-reading it over and over again? … Continue Reading Are You Reading Me?

Trust meter

So I  decided to answer my question from yesterday. What do I do when the trust meter seems to be low? I mentally and verbally rehearse scripture or past events that God has gotten me.  I say to myself , ” If He bought you through that difficult situation Debra,  … Continue Reading Trust meter

Hello world!

Hello all: Here’s my first day at starting a Christian blog. I want to talk about so many subjects. The one that was on my heart today was trust. Sometimes I am wonderful at trusting God. Then, I have other days when I feel like I can’t even spell the … Continue Reading Hello world!